An Exclusive, Premium Store Front Advertising Solution by Studio Coco, for Retailers.

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  • Driving Innovation Through Liquid Crystals

    Studio Coco applies Liquid Crystal Technology (LCT) to create new features, which derive into new devices like Adaptive Film™ and applications like Augmented Glass©.

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  • Adaptive Film Technology Explained

    Adaptive Film™ is a self-adhesive film, which, applies to any existing or new glass surface, and it is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparent and opaque using AC power.

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  • Augmented Glass Sync Add-On | The Next Level • Co-creating the Future

    We offer add-ons such as high precision long/medium/short range digital sensors that will upgrade your Augmented Glass into a sophisticated AI interactive device.



Studio Coco believes in integrating technology into our every day life. That is why our designs are always first conceived as an innovative experience.


Add-On > Augmented Glass SYNC | The Next Level • Co-creating the Future. Augmented Glass Sync© is a marketing-oriented feature with which you will be able to monitor not only what but how your customers are purchasing, the dynamics between customer and product and the effect of Augmented Glass on your business.

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Augmented Glass Product Service System

Augmented Glass© is a product-service system that will allow brands to use augmented reality to encourage customers to engage with their goods or services before purchase. It can be employed as part of an advertising or marketing campaign, targeting a particular or a group of product in order to promote it and boost sales. A tailored advertising video is projected via a rear projection onto the Adaptive Film applied on the store window. With the help of our software, the projection timing can be arranged in order to create a seamless transition between the product and its projected advertising video.

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